Ministry on the web

Prophetic Insights by Carol Cardinale

    Carol’s online presence through her website provides a

fresh and Spirit-led a prophetic stream

a place where believers can be refreshed and filled with spiritual encouragement edification and comfort!


“But  by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace before me was not in vain; …”  1 Cor 15:10

The Call  to the Ministry

Since her infant years in Christ have served in her strong prophesy and prophetic gift set now she has ministered and still ministers as a “house prophet” as the Lord wills.

Confirmed as a PROPHETIC VOICE Carol is an ordained prophetic minister, who ministers to the multi-generational Body of Messiah to teach train and equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

( Eph4:11-12) 

Because His people will perish for a lack of knowledge and remain captives to the enemy for a lack of knowing  and acting upon the Truth of God’s Word, Carol with her teacher’s heart, is a  longtime advocate and a contender for Biblical literacy in the Church  [ 2 Tim 2:15;1 Pet 3:15]

Carol’s mandate comes with the call to teach HIS PEOPLE how to overcome with the Word of God and prevail with the Promises of God.



Women’s Ministry

Carol Cardinale has a heart for women who need to know they can and learn how to overcome their brokenness and to live a healed victorious and transformed life of wholeness,. In recent years Carol has served faithfully in a labor of love conducting Spirit-led services in her area at a well known Christian resident facility.


 Carol ministers and imparts biblical hope and vision spiritually and prophetically to singles who desire to live the single life victoriously whether for a season or as a calling.


 Carol Cardinale is called alongside her husband, messianic published author, Anthony Cardinale, as a husband and wife ministry team, with a Love and a Rom 10:1 call for Zion’s sake and are sent to Jerusalem, Israel ” their spiritual home on earth”

by the Lord as HE wills,  to fulfill His Purposes for  His Chosen People. 





Link: Zealous Writer! Carol Cardinale

For all correspondence and sending inquiries/invitations to Rev Cardinale, to minister at your church event/venue as your guest, please email Carol at  carolcardinale1@gmail.com

cropped-185072_3327520917687_743337748_nCarol Cardinale is  credentialed with Elim Fellowship,


 Carol Cardinale

 copyright 2017-2020

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